2015 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions Lottery Drawing

Thank you, racers!  The pre-entries for the 21st running of the Reedy Race were overwhelming.  With 560 entries from 301 racers plus 33 Invitational drivers, the interest in the event has never been higher.  It is truly unfortunate that we are not able to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, but in order to provide a quality event with a reasonable timetable entries must be limited.

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2015 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions Entry Reminder

The final week to enter and have a chance to become a part of the 21st running of the most exciting RC race in the world is here.  With over 500 lottery entries already submitted in the Open Classes, the event is sure to be a major success.  Remember, all entries must be submitted by October 19, 2014 at midnight, PST.

To allow everyone an opportunity to be a part of the 21st running of the Reedy Race, a lottery drawing for the open classes will be conducted on October 20th with the first 200 entries drawn securing a place in the event. Entry fees are only collected after the lottery drawing and for the selected Open and Invitational drivers.  Remember, included with each confirmed and paid entry is a complete set of control tires, inserts, and a personalized grab bag.

Qualified Invitational Drivers must register by the same October 20th date to hold their ranked position.  After that date, entries will be granted based upon organizer’s choice.

•    Open Classes Event Entry - http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=4022
•    Invitational Class Event Entry - http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=4023

Stay tuned to www.reedyrace.com for more information and event updates.  Inquiries regarding the event should be directed to reedyrace@rc10.com.

NEW! APEX Scion Racing tC!

Brushless Powered All Wheel Drive Ready to Run … Built on the all-wheel-drive Apex chassis, the Scion Racing tC Rocket Bunny replica comes fully assembled and Ready-to-Run with factory installed Reedy brushless power and a Reedy WolfPack 6-cell battery wired with a High Current T-Plug.

Additional features include the XP water-resistant speed control and XP 2.4GHz radio system. The front and rear sealed metal gear differentials are connected together with a tough aluminum drive shaft that handles all of the Reedy brushless power. Imperfections in the road are managed by four adjustable fluid-filled coil-over tuned shocks.

The high grip treaded racing tires are mounted on scale replica 5-Spoke hex drive wheels featuring detailed brake rotors and calipers. Topping it all off is the factory finished Scion Racing tC Rocket Bunny body that replicates the details of Fredric Aasbo’s Hankook Racing Scion tC, built by Papadakis Racing, which has become one of the most competitive cars on the Formula Drift circuit!

Source: http://bit.ly/1yirpQg

NEW! Reedy Blackbox 410R Competition ESC

The long-anticipated and highly developed Reedy Blackbox 410R ESC is now available to racers worldwide. Extensive track testing by Reedy’s engineers and racing team has resulted in a high performance, high quality, and reliable ESC suitable for all levels of competition. A focus on excellent throttle and brake feel, precision adjustability, and robust hardware make the Blackbox 410R suitable for a wide range of racing applications.

•    CNC-machined black aluminum case with integrated heat sink
•    Fully adjustable brake, throttle, power, and safety functions
•    Eight pre-programmed, customizable* profiles
•    Blinky mode with ROAR-approved software
•    Precision throttle and brake control
•    Speed sensitive drag brake function
•    Ultra-low resistance FET board
•    12-gauge power wires
•    Heavy-duty external capacitor board
•    Built-in voltage booster for 1S applications  
•    RPM data logging*
•    Firmware updateable*
*Requires Blackbox PROgrammer #27020

With the Blackbox PROgrammer, the full potential of the ESC can be exploited. In addition to working as a programming device to fine-tune the eight pre-installed profiles, the PROgrammer operates as a data logger, battery monitor, and USB firmware update device.

Brake strength, frequency, curve, and drag brake can be fine tuned to change brake performance and feel in different vehicles and track conditions. The Speed Sensitive Drag Brake function allows for different drag brake settings and high and low speeds.

Frequency, punch, curve, and dead band make the perfect setup possible regardless of the type of motor chosen and the type of vehicle being raced.

Motor Power
Advanced acceleration boost and top speed timing settings are particularly useful on large tracks in applications such as 1/12 and 1/10 Touring Car and stock classes where ESC timing is permitted. Each setting can be used individually or together to achieve maximum speed.  If you choose to leave these settings disabled, the ESC will be operating as if it is in blinky mode.

Miscellaneous Control
Select between open, blinky, and practice modes depending upon the class being raced. Adjust the SBEC voltage to change servo speeds. Forward and reverse power can also be changed.

Select the desired low voltage cutoff or disable it completely. The temperature at which the ESC cuts motor power due to overheating can also be adjusted.

See source for full specs: http://bit.ly/1yHCbAN

Team Associated at the 2014 I.F.M.A.R. 1:8 World Championship - We Did Everything But Win!

Well, almost everything… For those of you reading that have been to an I.F.M.A.R. Worlds event, it goes without saying — winning a Worlds is one of the most challenging accomplishments any RC racer could ever hope to achieve, period.

To win an I.F.M.A.R. Worlds you will need to have the most talent, top of the line equipment, a cool head and you will need heart, a lot of it. You will need both kinds of luck — the luck you make and the luck that the universe graces you with for no apparent reason. The most accomplished RC racers from across the globe come to this race armed with all of the above and it won’t be enough but for only one of them, as the brutal truth and beauty of racing is that here can only be one winner. If it sounds tough, that’s because it is, but it is also what makes racing at this level so very rewarding and exciting.

With twenty-seven I.F.M.A.R World Championships, Team Associated came within one position of title number twenty-eight at the 2014 I.F.M.A.R. 1:8 Off-Road World Championship. In racing there is only one winner and although winning the Worlds will be the main headline, there are many other success stories that could go under the radar if not brought to light. Team Associated did fall short of winning the 2014 I.F.M.A.R. 1:8 World Championship, but we did enjoy a few benchmark accomplishments that we would like to share.
• Ryan Cavalieri’s 2nd place finish is the best finish for Team Associated at an I.F.M.A.R. 1:8 Off-Road World Championship.

• Team Associated had three prototype cars at the event total — two of which qualified directly into the semi-finals while the third bumped into the semi-finals.

• Ryan Cavalieri was the top American driver and his second place finish was his best ever at a 1:8 World Championship.

• Neil Cragg was the top British driver and made the semi-finals for the first time at a 1:8 World Championship; just missing out on the final by a few seconds.

• Yannick Aigion was the top French driver and bumped from the quarter to semi-finals.

• As a team, there were no D.N.F.s.

We learned a lot as a team preparing and competing at this event. This experience will transfer to our products, customers, team drivers and testing procedures to ensure that we produce quality product with an emphasis on value to our customers.

Thank you to everyone on the team who worked so hard and put the time in. You have reason to hold your head up and be proud. We don’t race because it’s easy, we race because it is hard, and we love it.

Congratulations to Ty Tessmann and his family — you earned every bit of this championship, job well done!

Congratulations to everyone who entered and raced the 2014 I.F.M.A.R. 1:8 World Championship. Here’s hoping you made some good memories and brought home a story to tell. We here at Team Associated will look forward to racing with you again!

Source and more pictures:  http://bit.ly/1yCakSB

NEW! Replay XD Prime X Camera System

Introducing the all new completely reimagined PRIME X

Professional Grade
Custom Hyperion designed, 145° wide angle, T2.8 lens, with cinema-grade anti-glare coating, this lens is finely tuned to match an all-new 1/2.3 in., 16MP CMOS sensor, for tack sharp, high-frame rate HD video, and large still images.

We shoehorned a higher capacity 1700mAh battery into the Prime X. Compared to the Replay XD1080, battery life has more than doubled to an outstanding 3.5 hours on a single charge.

Even Lower Profile
We’ve made important and subtle refinements that improve the already easy to use Replay XD cameras. Every detail, down to the button, has been re-imagined to make Prime X even more intuitive and even easier to use.

The Prime X is waterproof up to 3 meters / 10 feet. No need for a separate waterproof case. Watertight O-ring seals are used throughout the advanced aluminum housing to ensure water and other elements stay out while you record.

WiFi + Replay XD App
Replay XD Prime X is configurable from both the Replay XD iOS / Android app thanks to WiFi and the Advanced Settings file (written to SD card). This allows you to enable more pro features to fine-tune the image and extra features.

Mount It Anywhere
No other camera on the market except Replay XD gives you over 1 million mounting positions right out of the box.

Included in the Box
Replay XD Prime X, HeimLock Mount, LowBoy Mount, SnapTray Mount Bases, Mini USB Charge Cable; 4GB microSDHC, Nylon Ballistic Case, Silk Camera Bag, Replay SC Decals, User Guide, and more*.

Source: http://bit.ly/1uh9N4x

Brian Kinwald wins Vintage Nats

Brian Kinwald TQ’d and won the Vintage Nats, which was held at the Wolcott Raceway. The new layout was loose, but his RC10 Worlds Car was up to the challenge.

There were four heats full of RC10 Worlds; three rounds were run Saturday and one on Sunday. In round 1, BK TQ’d in the single A Main. In round 3, he went 18 laps and was the only one to do so. He coasted through round 4, playing it safe for a few minutes till he had a gap, then did some fast laps and then backed it down again at the end.

Brian says, “All in all it was really fun. I did a lot of helping and talking to people. Took lots of autographs. Saw tons of old cars from the 80’s and 90’s, including stuff I’ve never seen. Cool concourse event, too.”

More photos: http://bit.ly/1vd40Ll

In Stock and Shipping: WolfPack Gen. 2 LiPo Batteries

Reedy’s WolfPack LiPo batteries have been a huge success thanks to their race-level quality, affordable price point, and wide variety of configurations.  Now Reedy is proud to release the next generation of batteries that take the WolfPack philosophy to the next level. Thanks to increased capacities and generous discharge capabilities, overall power and top speeds are improved while extending run times far beyond what is capable with NiMH batteries or lower-quality LiPo batteries.

Get the whole story: http://bit.ly/1sip32c